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Sep 14, 2017
This is a exclusive carding method 2019 which allows you to card Giftcards using Zeek.me in the UK or USA. but you can use this carding method from anywhere (as all codes are digital).
To be able to reach success with this cardin method, you will need the following tools;
● Live Fullz
● IP Masking Tools (Paid VPN with NO DMCA Response)
● New Gmail Account and a second SIM card

To begin this process you must use your Fullz to create a new gmail account which allows you to control the entire process, as well as setting up a new sim card to actually join Zeek later (this is your preparation for Zeek carding method)
1. First step
Before anything use a paid vpn (such as NordVPN) to mask your location so that it matches the fullz country (e.g US Fullz = US Location) - Do not login to Zeek without first turning on a VPN (be Opsec100)
2.Second step
Once masked, open up Zeek with your sim card in your phone and complete the setup process by receiving an SMS code. Once setup, head to yourprofile and enter in information as shown on your fullz, but make sure the email and number used, are those that you control.
E.g Account First & Last Name should be Fullz First & Last name.
3.Third Step
Once you filled in the profile, head into the giftcard range and choose a giftcard under £25 (or USD equivalent) and order using your fullz. You will notice that if your transaction approves, your order will say pending/under review (chill yourself).

4.Fourth Step
Within 6 hours, Zeek will send you an email asking you to verify/confirm the order, no information required, just a simple “Yes I made this purchase lastnight” and await the approval
5.Fifth Step
If you receive an approval email, simply login to Zeek again to find your Giftcard code located in the Wallet Section of the App, once used/ redeemed simply keep using the card and redeeming 1 by 1 as you will only have toverify the new card once.
Now we just said IF in the paragraph above and this is because just like any carding work, the actual cardholder has a certain window of time where they can cancel a charge on their card before anything ships.
Once you have had success, just keep repeating the information and keep on repeating the carding method using different CC/Fullz and different Sim cards each time.
The following information is here to give you more chances of success with this carding method, as well as with carding in general.

1) Cardholders and authorisation cancellations occur as often as you eat food, because we now live in an era where real-time bank notifications are popping up via Apps (or via SMS) - If it occurs, move ahead don’t complain, every carder loses out to cardholders
2) Do not use a device with a leaking name e.g Marcus’s iPhone , this is becoming the easiest way carders lose out as this device name shows up way more than you may realise so just change it (e.g Longdick Phone)

UK TSB BIN - 476367 (If VBV pops up, just reset in the window)
USA PointBank Bin - 587366 (Small Bank skips almost every time)

PS: As ive mentioned in previous turorials you can card without a vpn or socks, go with just ur phone, sim card if uve a cc from ur area region
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