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Sep 14, 2017
In fact, this process is very simple. I was surprised to find that https://www.rationalfx.com/ is

actually not intentional. This site will use the credit card currency to redeem and send money to the bank account.

In this case your bank account is located here. The process is as follows:

  1. Create an email anywhere.
  2. Create an account at ( https://blockchain.info/wallet/new )
  3. Create an account (information for all cardholders) at ( https://www.rationalfx.com/ )
  4. Add account details, additional information, card numbers, and transaction information here ( http://cryptotradertech.com/ ).
  5. Do a remittance
This process will take 3-5 business days. It is a CC transaction that becomes a bank transfer, so it takes two days. (The problem with speed on Monday and Tuesday's best days)

Once the money is paid to the account, it will be exchanged for Bitcoin and then remitted to your other Bitcoin wallet.

Is not it simple?

I have used Blockchain (blockchain) to have no problem refunding 400GBP.

Rationalfx has no real protection. Where does TOP work very well (but the exit node with the cardholder's address is better). When I first used the visa test method, the system told me three times that the transaction failed. I will reduce the amount each time and try again. I succeeded three times, but I don't have a password for visa verification, so I can't continue. If the card has a verified position, both visa and mc will ask for verification. (usually the US and UK cards) Make sure that you include account information for this particular account when you deposit the remittance. You will find this in «funding options» «Funding Options» – get your money. So you have them. It's as simple as making a pie. This is not 100% information, but I can find out more.

5 working days. CC transactions become a remittance" bank transfer. If you forget this information, you will get your money. So you have them. It's as simple as making a pie. This is not 100% information, but I can figure out more information.
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