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May 15, 2017
Since some members on here have started creating "builders" of CVE 2018-20250 and starting to charge money from people who cant use the public CVE themself, I decided to make a quickly website which builds a malicious rar file for you. I did not want to use money on a domain for a free service nor to disclose the server IP so i configured tor and created a onion domain but upon alot of interest, i might make it clearnet and purchase a domain for it, you need either tor bundle or tor browser but tor browser is recommended if you are a network dummy.

Tor Browser can be downloaded here:

The service is running on this onion domain:

Here can some articles be found:

The RAR-file that can be downloaded contain your malicious file that you uploaded to begin with so dont extract the RAR content on your machine and if you do so then navigate to startup folder and delete the executeable file called evil.exe to remove your malware from startup.

Spread the word to stop the script kiddies from charging money for public CVE's and also happy spreading. Yeye
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