Windows Password Hacking

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May 15, 2017
If for any reason you have forgotten your password to log into Windows, you can proceed as follows.
  • Download Kon-Boot: file sharing / Google Drive
  • Insert the USB-drive and format it in the FAT32 file system (all data will be deleted).
  • Unpack the archive with the downloaded files.
  • We insert the drive into the computer.
  • Go to the folder "kon-bootUSB" and run on behalf of the administrator file "usbinstall2NEEDADMIN.bat mouse.
If one flash-drive is connected to your PC, we press all the time positively until we see the inscription “USB kon-boot is Ready”.

Your usb drive is ready. Extract it.

6. Insert the prepared drive into the PC that needs to be hacked. Go to the BIOS, set the boot priority from the USB drive.

7. Go to Windows.

If your Windows 8 or 8.1 boots in UEFI mode, then to activate Kon-Boot you need to disable Secure Boot in BIOS. We insert the flash drive, run the computer. Kon-Boot allows you to go to windows to bypass the password, replacing the contents of the Windows kernel, the password is not reset and the next time you start Windows, it will require it again as if nothing had happened.

The nuances of this method

· Does not work if Windows 10 uses a Microsoft online account. Currently only bypasses local account

· Does not work if Security Boot mode is enabled in BIOS (different brands have different names)

· It happens that it does not work from all USB ports

· Password bypasses and does not erase

· May not work from the first times
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