Welcome newbies. If you're in the US or Canada, get in here let's talk money matters!

C Bandz

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Jul 21, 2018
Hey. I'm Chris. But you can call me Cbandz. Let me use this medium to welcome you to this wonderful forum. I hope you find what you looking for here.

Now that we done with the introduction, let's talk MONEY!

This info is ONLY for those who are in the United States of America (USA) and in Canada. So if you're not in any of the two, I'm sorry.

I top up bank accounts and credit cards. No upfront payment required. We deal based on percentage.

I'll top up your bank account with $1000 to $5000 (depends on your account limit) & once the funds are available, you'll withdraw via ATM and we split. Then I'll fund the account again and we keep working that way. You can open up more bank accounts and I'll fund them as well.

If you don't have a bank account, I'll send you a few banks that you can open.

There are a few banks that I CANNOT work with. Example: Chime bank, Vemo app, Cash app, Netspend, Greendot, Vanilla card, PayPal etc.

If you're interested, add me up on ICQ 727975641 or email me: chrisjjwillams@gmail.com

PLEASE I need ONLY those in USA or Canada! And PLEASE, make up your mind before contacting me. I HATE TIME WASTERS! Y'all know that time is money!




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