Vulnerability Exploitation Tools



A tool which identifies whether a remote host is vulnerable to a security attack and tries to protect the host by providing a shell or other function remotely, is called a Vulnerability Exploitation tool. Here is a list of some o the popular ones:

Metasploit was released in the year 2004 and it was an instant hit in the world of computer security. Metasploit provides data on the vulnerabilities in the security system and it helps in conducting penetration testing too.


It is a penetration testing tool which is available as an open source. Its goal is to automate the detection and exploitation process of the injection flaws in SQL and to take over the database servers.

The main objective of this tool is to access a vulnerable DB server; it's used for pen testing so that the procedure of controlling a DB server can be automated when the vulnerability of an SQL injection has been tracked.

It is a web based security scanner which has an exploitation engine to confirm the security vulnerabilities and makes the user concentrate on elimination of security threats with its False-Positive free feature.

BeEF is the short term for The Browser Exploitation Framework. It is a tool for penetration testing which concentrates on a web browser and thus accesses the actual security position of the environment it’s targeting.

Dradis stands for Direction, Range and Distance. It is an open source vulnerability scanner or application which provides the facility of information sharing effectively, especially during assessing the security of the system in a central repository.
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