VeraCrypt on Kali Linux

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May 15, 2017
In this topic, I will tell you how to install VeraCrypt on Kali Linux.

For years, TrueCrypt has been the gold standard for encrypting drives across platforms.
TrueCrypt is a thing of the past, and VeraCrypt continues its legacy.
It looks and works the same as TrueCrypt, and is compatible with sections of TrueCrypt.
Despite the fact that VeraCrypt is not available in Kali stores, this does not mean that it is difficult to install.
You can download the VeraCrypt installer directly from the developers site and use it to configure on Kali.
In this lesson you will learn:
  • How to download and unzip Tarball.
  • How to run the installation script VeraCrypt.
Download and unzip the Tarball.

Start by getting the latest VeraCrypt archive.
Go to theVeraCrypt download pageand download the latest archive.
Then unpack it into the ~ / Downloads directory or anywhere else.

Running the installation script

Open a terminal and go to the place where you unpacked the installation program.

cd ~/Downloads/veracrypt-1.23-setup
Inside this folder you will find four installer files.
  • veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x64
  • veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x86
  • veracrypt-1.23-setup-gui-x64
  • veracrypt-1.23-setup-gui-x86
These files are scripts for four different types of VeraCrypt installations.
There are 32 and 64-bit versions of the command line and graphic versions of VeraCrypt.
If you do not have something specific in the plans, run the 64-bit graphic version.


The installation script will start and ask you if you want to install or extract the package.
Select installation. [Install VeraCrypt]

It will then display the VeraCrypt license and ask you if you agree. Accept to continue.
If you are not using root, the installer will ask you for a password for sudo. Enter it.
The installer will start quickly and prompt you to exit when everything is done.
Now you can open VeraCrypt and use it in the usual way when you need it on Kali.

Final thoughts

You are ready to use VeraCrypt on Cali.
With VeraCrypt, you can do everything you may have done in the past with TrueCrypt.
You can access and create encrypted volumes, including hidden ones, which can be useful when working in Kali.
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