VBV Avoid Tips


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May 27, 2016
1 Make sure ya browser if fully clean ...........dont trust ccleaner to do this (it leaves flash cookies behind even if configured to clean everything)
2 Run bleachbit after ccleaner and you will see the shit it leaves behind
3 then use this link >>> https://www.macromed...anager07.htmlto clean any that are left behind
4 Even better disable flash altogether !!!
5 Make sure ya socks are clean and dont use RDP from a commercial ip range (corporate computers) public hotspots are better if you cant get RDP/Socks in the area required
6 spoof your browser fingerprint as close as possible to browser fingerprint of the cardholders (if you are using CC/Fullz that come with this info) antidetek / fraudfox are perfect for this
7 If you plan to use the CC more than once DO NOT clean anything or change socks and keep the the same browser fingerprint and cookies
8 If you have changed the VBV pass on a CC chances are you will only get 1 or 2 hits from that CC if it is used in quick succession ..............Regardless of amount of balance on the CC !!! If it stays live leave for aslong as possible before hitting it again 1-2days minimum
9 When Carding using android ive found that by using the official apps of certain stores dont use VBV at all especially on earlier verions of android (for example yoox.com)

These are just my findings and are no way set in stone..................Feel free to add to the topic anything that you think is relevant so we can have a better understanding of ways to BYPASS the pain in the Ass that is VBV
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