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Mar 9, 2022
Validation Of E-mail Databases Via Telegram Bot! ✉✉✉ | 10,000 Limits For Free, For Testing

Tired of getting ip addresses from blacklists? Bounces above the roof? Is the inbox almost zero?
You bought / parsed / downloaded / pressed the base and after making a mailing list realized that the base is rubbish?

If these questions are about you, then I know what the problem is - the quality of the mailing lists!
Mail services tightly control the metrics to whom you sent. It is logical to conclude that if constantly, there is a sending to nonexistent, overflowing, as well as spam traps.
It quickly becomes clear that the database was purchased or downloaded, or not obtained through opt-in. As a result, your ip and domains fly away in a block.

Our team knows about these problems not by hearsay, over the past 3 years we have sent more than 100 million letters.
With such volumes to do validation of email databases, in services = to recoup mailings by the second coming ...: an:

This is how we created a validator on the telegram bot. At first they saw it for themselves, and now they launched it to the masses as a service for validating e-mail databases.
Why choose our email validator?
First of all, working in a telegram bot is very convenient, you do not need to constantly go into the web interface, the next service used in work.
Secondly, it is the cost and logic of removing limits.
How does the limit system work?
The limits are removed only for found mails in the database, if the email address was not found - we validate it for free! Free validation is usually available through 24-72. Please show a little patience and take into account the uniqueness of the offer. (if more than 20% of the file has been checked and cannot wait, write and we will discard what is ready at the moment).
The comparison works mega smartly, a file with the same million addresses will be verified in ~ 5-15 minutes.

What features have bot?
With the help of a bot, you can perform basic steps to clean your databases from "bad" e-mail addresses:
Create jobs in bulk. Each uploaded file must be up to 2 GB, txt csv xls xlsx sql format.
View the rest of the limits.
View information about assignments.
Download validation results.
Delete one or many tasks. (Construction like /del ****, where each entry is on a new line).
Compare with a powerful database of minted addresses, in which there are almost 3 billion lines. (At the time of 02/17/2021).
Free to validate real-time or for limits, it's up to you. Free by default, if you want faster - write to us.
View the progress of the free checker in the task list.

How do we validate each mailing address?
We have implemented scoring, which is based on the following list of checks, some points immediately send mail to the "bad" ones:
  • Email availability
  • Syntax check
  • Checking DNS records
  • Verification of a disposable email address (DEA).
  • Checking the SMTP server
  • Email delivery capability
  • The mailbox is disabled.
  • Crowded mailbox.
  • Check for Catch-All (Except mailru, this item is disabled in this big)
  • Role account verification
  • Checking your email provider
  • Provider-specific syntax checking
  • Checking for known spam traps
  • Gravatar
  • Hacked box
  • The final step is simulation the delivery of the letter

Payment methods
BTC, Visa, Mastercard, Yandex Money

Plans and prices

200 thousand = $ 20
500 thousand = 50 $
1 million = $ 100
2 million = 200 $
3 million = 300 $
5 million = $ 500
10 million = $ 1000
20 million = $ 2000
Based on the cost, is the cheapest email database validator available on the market.

How to try it?


To get started with bot @good_sam_bot
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