US hacks accuse Chinese hackers of stealing 78 million people

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May 15, 2016
Chinese hackers broke into the Anthem insurer's database and accessed data from over 78 million Americans. Information about addresses, phone numbers, e-mail and even the income level of the company's clients fell into their hands.

In the US, the prosecutor’s office charged the hacking of computer systems with a citizen of China who acted as part of a hacker group. The charge is published on the US Department of Justice website.

The defendant was 32-year-old Wang Fujie and several of his accomplices. According to the investigation, hackers broke into the system of the American insurance company, Anthem Inc., and three other companies whose names were not disclosed. Using “sophisticated methods for hacking computer networks,” hackers have been working since February 2014 to gain access to their data. The attackers sent out phishing emails with hyperlinks, during the transition to which malicious software was downloaded to the victims' computers. In January 2015, they managed to hack Anthem databases.

Only in the case of the insurer Anthem, hackers managed to steal personal data of 78 million people. They got access to names, ID numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, employment information and income data.

“Since the affected companies promptly notified the FBI of malicious cyber activity, we were able to successfully investigate and identify the perpetrators of this large-scale and very complex scheme. The FBI seeks to investigate cyber attacks that threaten the American industry and the American people. As in this case, we will continue to work side by side with companies to ensure fairness, ”said FBI Assistant Director Matt Gorham.
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