Ukraine Extradited A Foreign Cyber Criminal To The United States

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May 15, 2016
On Thursday, November 21, law enforcement officers extradited to the United States a foreign cybercriminal detained in Ukraine in October this year. On Thursday, November 21, the press service of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

According to the agency, a Lithuanian citizen suspected of having committed 10 serious transnational cybercrimes has been wanted for a long time by US law enforcement. In October, an attacker was detained by the National Police in Ukraine.

"The General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine decided to extradite the person to the United States of America in a simplified manner and today he has actually been transferred to the competent authorities of this country," the GPU said.

The prosecutor’s office added that this is the first case of cooperation between Ukraine and the United States, when extradition took place in a simplified manner.
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