Ubisoft is investigating the blockchain for use in the gaming industry

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May 15, 2016
The French gaming giant Ubisoft explores the blockchain's capabilities in order to apply it in the computer games industry and gain an edge over its competitors.

The local publication Les Echos reports that the company has been researching the capabilities of the distributed registry technology for several months already, with at least one solution planned to be implemented. We are talking about the use of blockchain platform for in-game items and subsequent monetization.

Reporters noted that such a system is like the solution used in the Fortnite game - users can play for free, but they can buy things for real money to equip a game character.

“When you buy a suit for a Fortnite character, your investment is lost, the accessory is blocked in the game. If we use the blockchain, we will give physical existence to the digital element, ”said an anonymous video game industry expert.

Interestingly, the sources of the publication say that Ubisoft uses the Ethereum blockchain to create its platform. In this case, the platform itself is already in the later stages of development. However, when the system will be launched is still unknown. It is also not known whether it will be embedded in already existing games, or whether it will be used in a new game of the publisher.

Note that last fall, Ubisoft joined the Blockchain Game Alliance.
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