Tutorial: How Bypass CFA ( Call For Approval ) on any POS

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May 15, 2016
This is a Trick to Bypass CFA on POS and get Instantly APPROVED !!!!
With this trick you DON'T NEED call the Bank for get Auth code !!!

How that work ?

You swipe yur dumps into POS and GET " CFA "
9/10 the cashier do not call bank , he Just cancel the sale and ask you another card !!

Stand up on yur shoes and JUST SAY TO the cashier " I have the Authorisation code "
then JUst press VALID ( green ) ----> Pos ask Auth code ?
Now Press the Magic code 1234 OR 1111 THEN press VALID
After INSTANTLY you get APPROVED payment !!!! ( work 9/10 )

I really dont know about Chargeback , etc .... but seems same as classic Dumps purchase !!
This trick work very well with AMEX USA in europe , VISA/MC too
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