[Tut] Phone Take Over, or How to BYPASS any VBV and MCS security


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May 27, 2016
First of all, to make this tut and bypass the VBV security, you need to have the maximum on informations of the cardholder like phone number, SSN, DOB, complete adress... And a burner phone.
So you can't do it with a pub cc posted on the forum
You got the phone number of the cardholder and some info about him ? Nice. Let's fuck the VBV security.
Take the real phone number of the cardholder, and use WhitePages to find who is the phone provider. If you cannot find it, then you might want to use Spooftel and call the various providers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.) and use their automated system to try to find out if the number is registered with them. You can use phonevalidator.com to see if the phone is a cellphone or a landline.

When you have the background report of the victim, you can see that they often have many phone numbers. Use the service to find which one is landline and which one is cellphone. For cellphones, it's very easy to find the provider, as most of them allow you to call the phone and press * (star) to go in the voicemail settings, so you recognize the greeting. Use your logic, and write the phone numbers, probably like that:
Phone 1, landline, 555-123-4567, Verizon

Phone 2, cellphone, 666-234-5678, AT&T

Now, remember, you have the full address, DOB, SSN, and more information on the cardholder, and you know what is his phone company. What are we gonna do? That's right, Call Forwarding!
Call up the phone company with your burner phone. And do this :

Agent: Thank you for calling Verizon, my name is Mohammed, how can I help you?

Me: Hi! I will be away from my house in the next days but I'm waiting for an important call on my landline. Since I cannot reach the other party, I would like to set call forwarding so I will receive the call on my 2nd cellphone.

Agent: No problem, can I have your name?

Me: Barack Obama.

Agent: Thank you Mr. Obama, what is your full address?

Me: 123 fake Street, Washington DC, 12345.

Agent: Thank you, and may I have your date of birth?

Me: October 1st, 1845.

Agent: Thank you. Did you know that you can press *72 on your phone to activate call forwarding? This is an easy way to do it without calling customer service.

Me: Thanks for the tip, however I'm not home at the moment, so I am unable to do that.

Agent: Okay no problem, I will activate it for you. What is the phone number you would like the calls forwarded to?

Me: That's my other cellphone, 456-123-3245. (your burner phone)

Agent: All right, and you want it to start now?

Me: Yes, please.

Agent: No problem, I activated it for you. When you will be home, you can use *72 again to deactivate the forwarding.

Me: Thanks.

Agent: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Me: Nope, thanks. Bye !

Some phone companies, AT&T by experience, ask for a 4-digit PIN, but it can be easily bypassed using DOB and last 4 of SSN. If you are extremely unlucky and fail, you can start to say ''i'm gonna go to another phone company, you are a shit company, it's very important, and by your fault i will not have that call''... That work sometimes.

When the Call Forwading is activated, just card what u want, you will receive the VBV code on your burner phone..
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