TUT Dumps With Pin


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Apr 21, 2016
hi carders ,hope u all doing great!
i write this thread to make clear the concept of dumps with pin.
1.What you people must understand that d+p are REAL!As real as normal dumps used for shopping and in store carding.
2.Dumps with pin are obtained from ATM skimming or from POS where PIN is required to complete a transaction.
3.Dumps with Pin are encoded EXACTLY in same way as normal dumps,means using same blank magnetic strip plastic,same msr and same procedure.Pin is required only when a transaction is done and Pin is not encoded on card!!!
4.Dumps with Pin respect exactly same rules as normal dumps do.If a BIN is regional locked for normal dumps into your area then also a dump with pin will be.So no matter if is with or without pin,regional locked dumps won't work into your area.So yes,you need a damn bin list!
5.UK dumps are so sensitive!Almost all have sms alert so even if they are with or without pin most probably will be blocked after first swipe or ATM withdraw.Almost all UK dumps are regional locked!Because of this reasons there are available to buy UK dumps with pin but before buying them make sure are not locked into your area.If you live and work in a country where chip system is running ,those UK dumps are useless.So make sure that you are able to use the dumps you are buying!UK d+p seems to still can be used in countries like Pakistan because there the number of carders is very small and is damn difficult to obtain a visa to go there.
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