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May 15, 2017
Exploit -- A noun that refers to a program that demonstrates or takes advantage of a software security hole. Writing an exploit is the best way to technically describe a security hole while simultaneously demonstrating it. That's why "White Hat" hackers (hackers who use their skills to help companies discover security problems) often write exploits.

Root -- As a noun, refers to cyberomnipotence, the highest level of access on a computer. Can also be used as a verb. "To root a box" means to obtain root through unconventional means, at which point the system has been "rooted."

Haxored -- A cool underground term for hacking. "I haxored that box."

Trojan -- Shorthand for "Trojan horse," a method of cracking a system by sliscumng it a seemingly harmless and beneficial program that secretly contains programming that gives an attacker unauthorized access. Common off-the-shelf Trojans include Back Orifice 2000, and Sub-7, recently spotted masquerading as a free Internet adult film -- beware of Greeks bearing porn.

Eleet -- Means "elite," but generally used with sarcastic or self-deprecating humor and spelled out with numerals, not roman letters: 31337. "I hax0red this box with 31337 skillz," might mean, "This was too easy."

Rootkit -- A generic term for a suite of programs that gives a hacker fun things to do after rooting a box. Might include programs for covering your tracks, or for "sniffing" a company's network for interesting traffic.

Zero day -- A security hole that's been discovered by the underground, but not yet by the computer security community.

Docs -- A person's identifying information, like name, email address, social security number, etc. "I rooted his box and downloaded his docs."

Script kiddie -- Someone who uses exploits to penetrate unsecured boxes, deface websites, and generally make trouble, without having the skills to write such a program themselves. Usually a juvenile.

Packet monkey -- A script kiddie who floods computers and websites with data packets, to maliciously take them offline. The distributed denial of service attacks that sometimes afflict popular e-commerce websites are performed by packet monkeys
The very first thing you need to do is get a copy of PKZIP or some other file unziscumng utility. Nearly everything that you download from the Internet or from a BBS will be zipped. A zipped file is a file that has been compressed. Zipped files end with the extension ".zip". Then you need to get yourself a good prefix scanner.(also known as a War Dialer) This is a program that automatically dials phone numbers beginning with the three numbers (prefix) that you specify. It checks to see if the number dialed has a carrier.(series of beeps that tells you that you have dialed a computer) Try and find a large business area prefix to scan. It is these businesses that have interesting computers. There are many good scanners out there, but I would recommend Autoscan or A-Dial. These are very easy to use and get the job done quickly and efficiently.
Another way is through Telenet or some other large network. Telenet is a very large network that has many other networks and remote computers connected to it.
- connect to a hose
- shows network port
- network echo
- terminal echo
- mail. (need ID and password)
- Mail. (need ID and password)
- select PAD parameter
- continue
- disconnect
- hangs up.
- Telenet account. (ID and password)

"Remember the Trojan Horse? Bad guys hid inside it until they could get into the city to do their evil deed. A Trojan computer program is similiar. It is a program which does an unauthorized function, hidden inside an authorized program. It does something other than it claims to do, usually something malicious (although not necessarily!), and it is intended by the author to do whatever it does. If it is not intentional, it is called a bug or, in some cases, a feature Some Virus scanning programs detect some Trojans. Some scanning programs don't detect any Trojans. No Virus scanners detect all Trojans." Virus: "A Virus is an independent program which reproduces itself. It may attach itself to other programs, it may create copies of itself (as in companion Viruses). It may damage or corrupt data, change data, or degrade the performance of your system by utilizing resources such as memory or disk space. Some Viruse scanners detect some Viruses. No Virus scanners detect all Viruses. No Virus scanner can protect against any and all Viruses, known and unknown, now and forevermore." Worm: "Made famous by Robert Morris, Jr., Worms are programs which reproduce by copying themselves over and over, system to system, using up resources and sometimes slowing down the system. They are self contained and use the networks to spread, in much the same way that Viruses use files to spread. Some people say the solution to Viruses and worms is to just not have any files or networks. They are probably correct. We could include computers."
Red Box generates tones for free phone calls
Black Box when called, caller pays nothing
Beige Box lineman's handset
Green Box generates coin return tones
Cheese Box turns your phone into a payphone
Acrylic Box steal 3-way calling and other services
Aqua Box stops F.B.I. lock-in-trace
Blast Box phone microphone amplifier
Blotto Box shorts out all phones in your area
Blue Box generates 2600hz tone
Brown Box creates party line
Bud Box tap neighbors phone
Chatreuse Box use electricity from
Chrome Box manipulates traffic signals
Clear Box free calls
Color Box phone conversation
Copper Box causes crosstalk interference
Crimson Box hold button
Dark Box re-route calls
Dayglo Box connect to neighbors phone line
Divertor Box re-route calls
DLOC Box create party line
Gold Box dialout router
Infinity Box remote activated phone
Jack Box touch-tone key pad
Light Box in-use light
Lunch Box AM transmitter

Magenta Box connect remote phone line to another Mauve Box phone tap without cutting into the line Neon Box external microphone Noise Box creates line noise Olive Box external ringer Party Box creates party line Pearl Box tone generator Pink Box creates party line Purple Box hold button Rainbow Box kill trace Razz Box tap neighbors phone Rock Box add music to phone line Scarlet Box causes interference Silver Box create DTMF tones for A,B,C, and D Static Box raises voltage on phone line Switch Box add services Tan Box phone conversation recorder TV Cable Box see sound waves on TV Urine Box create disturbance on phone headset Violet Box stop payphone from hanging up White Box DTMF key pad Yellow Box add line extension

Ports for Trojans UseFul
9 UDP Chargen
21 TCP Blade Runner, Doly Trojan, Fore, FTP trojan, Invisible FTP, Larva, WebEx, WinCrash
23 TCP Tiny Telnet Server
25 TCP Antigen, Email Password Sender, Haebu Coceda, Kuang2, ProMail trojan, Shtrilitz, Stealth, Tapiras, Terminator, WinPC, WinSpy
31 TCP Agent 31, Hackers Paradise, Masters Paradise

41 TCP DeepThroat
58 TCP DMSetup
79 TCP Firehotcker
80 TCP Executor
110 TCP ProMail trojan
121 TCP JammerKillah
129 TCP Password Generator Protocol
137 TCP Netbios name (DoS attacks)
138 TCP Netbios datagram (DoS attacks)
139 TCP Netbios ******* (DoS attacks)
421 TCP TCP Wrappers
456 TCP Hackers Paradise
531 TCP Rasmin
555 TCP Ini-Killer, Phase Zero, Stealth Spy
666 TCP Attack FTP, Satanz Backdoor
911 TCP Dark Shadow
999 TCP DeepThroat
1001 TCP Silencer, WebEx
1011 TCP Doly Trojan
1012 TCP Doly Trojan
1024 TCP NetSpy
1027 TCP ICQ
1029 TCP ICQ
1032 TCP ICQ
1045 TCP Rasmin
1080 TCP Used to detect Wingate sniffers.
1090 TCP Xtreme
1170 TCP Psyber Stream Server, Voice
1234 TCP Ultors Trojan
1243 TCP BackDoor-G, SubSeven
1245 TCP VooDoo Doll
1600 TCP Shivka-Burka
1807 TCP SpySender
1981 TCP Shockrave
1999 TCP BackDoor
2001 TCP Trojan Cow
2023 TCP Ripper
2115 TCP Bugs
2140 TCP Deep Throat, The Invasor
2565 TCP Striker
2583 TCP WinCrash
2801 TCP Phineas Phucker
2989 UDP Rat
3024 TCP WinCrash
3129 TCP Masters Paradise
3150 TCP Deep Throat, The Invasor
3700 TCP al of Doom
4092 TCP WinCrash
4567 TCP File Nail
4590 TCP ICQTrojan
5000 TCP Bubbel, Back Door Setup, Sockets de Troie
5001 TCP Back Door Setup, Sockets de Troie
5321 TCP Firehotcker
5400 TCP Blade Runner
5401 TCP Blade Runner
5402 TCP Blade Runner
5555 TCP ServeMe
5556 TCP BO Facil
5557 TCP BO Facil
5569 TCP Robo-Hack
5742 TCP WinCrash
6400 TCP The Thing
6670 TCP DeepThroat

6771 TCP DeepThroat
6776 TCP BackDoor-G, SubSeven
6939 TCP Indoctrination
6969 TCP GateCrasher, Priority
7000 TCP Remote Grab
7300 TCP NetMonitor
7301 TCP NetMonitor
7306 TCP NetMonitor
7307 TCP NetMonitor
7308 TCP NetMonitor
7789 TCP Back Door Setup, ICKiller
9872 TCP al of Doom
9873 TCP al of Doom
9874 TCP al of Doom
9875 TCP al of Doom
9989 TCP iNi-Killer
10067 TCP al of Doom
10167 TCP al of Doom
10520 TCP Acid Shivers
10607 TCP Coma
11000 TCP Senna Spy
11223 TCP Progenic trojan
12076 TCP GJamer
12223 TCP Hack´99 KeyLogger
12345 TCP GabanBus, NetBus, Pie Bill Gates, X-bill
12346 TCP GabanBus, NetBus, X-bill
12361 TCP Whack-a-mole
12362 TCP Whack-a-mole
12631 TCP WhackJob
13000 TCP Senna Spy
16969 TCP Priority
20000 TCP Millennium
20001 TCP Millennium
20034 TCP NetBus 2 Pro
21544 TCP GirlFriend
22222 TCP Prosiak
23456 TCP Evil FTP, Ugly FTP
26274 UDP Delta Source
29891 UDP The Unexplained
30029 TCP AOL Trojan
30100 TCP NetSphere
30101 TCP NetSphere
30102 TCP NetSphere
30303 TCP Sockets de Troie
31337 TCP Baron Night, BO client, BO2, Bo Facil
31337 UDP BackFire, Back Orifice, DeepBO
31338 TCP NetSpy DK
31338 UDP Back Orifice, DeepBO
31339 TCP NetSpy DK
31666 TCP BOWhack
31789 TCP Hack'A'Tack
33333 TCP Prosiak
34324 TCP BigGluck, TN
40412 TCP The Spy
40421 TCP Agent 40421, Masters Paradise
40422 TCP Masters Paradise
40423 TCP Masters Paradise
40425 TCP Masters Paradise
40426 TCP Masters Paradise
47262 UDP Delta Source
50505 TCP Sockets de Troie
50766 TCP Fore
53001 TCP Remote Windows Shutdown
54321 TCP School Bus
60000 TCP Deep Throat
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