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May 15, 2017
Method: Chat with those. support. Create a support account VKontakte.

But we call it not anyhow, but "Update Site". The word site can be replaced.

After, we do everything according to the standard, close the page to the maximum. Krch privacy

And then we need to unsubscribe the victim.

We write something like this:

Hello, First Name Last Name.

VKontakte has a major update!

Due to the frequent attempts of hacking into the accounts of our service, we are verifying users.

You only need to respond to this message so that the support agent is connected to the chat. If you do not respond within 3 days, your account will have to be frozen.

Next will be about this situation


And you probably would have thought that we would now restore the account, but no!

Now we need a virtual or real number. Not your own!

We send it to the number:

Code to confirm your phone number: 54131.

Now write to the support agent.

We continue:


Thus, we make it clear to the user that we do not receive the password.

Although the method is not so simple, but working!

At least unusual and VC users do not expect this.
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