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Sep 14, 2017
1- Run C cleaner
2- Run your Vpn or Socks5 Same state of Card Holder .. Same City Is Not Important.
3- Go to Hotmail and Create an Outlook email address (First and last name must be same Card Holder name, Email Address Must Start with Card Holder first name, don't use numbers or date for Example ' or Jamespaul or jamespro')
4- Go to Outlook profile which you created and Edit Profile address(Same Card Holder Billing address Address.)
5-If You Use Rdp You Must Add This Extension to Firefox (User agent) to Change Your Operating system Info Because Rdp Orders Will be flagged (Fraud) by system
6- Go to and Create A New Account Using Outlook Email Address You Created
7- Go To Google Search And find A Phone Number Of Any Legal Company same Card Holder City
8- Go to amazon account setting and add New Address (Card Holder address But don't add Card Holder Phone Number ,Add The Phone Number Which You Got from Google )
9- GO to Payment Option and add Card Holder Name And Card Info.
10-Go to Gift Cards 100$ Print Home.chose Big Wish Or Happy Birthday Image And Write Magic message You Can find in google
Notice/ Gift cards orders is run by system in 5 minutes but if it delayed Don't Worry .
11- ADD TO Cart and Proceed to checkout and done
12- Don't open amazon order confirmation Email message , Don't Access Amazon order Page to check .
13- You will Find Amazon Gift Card Email (Your Gift Card is ready) less than 5 minutes
Notice (amazon Has an auto integrated billing address system verificatuin with Hotmail Like Facebook but its Hidden and Is Not Known for Bublic)
14- Sell Your Gift card Directly with bitcoin in the same time you get it .
15-After 10 minutes Buy another 2 Gift cards (Every 1 $100) order total $200 and Again


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Jan 29, 2019
Doesn't work for me tried 2 different cc's
not sure how i trigger the fraud system, i just get an email back from them that they need to verify my information
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