The LAZY Script

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May 15, 2017
This script will make your life easier, and of course faster.

Its not only for noobs.Its for whoever wants to type less and do actually more.

What is this

This is a script that automates many procedures about WiFi penetration and hacking. I actually made it for fun for me just to save some time, but i don’t mind publicizing it.(my code is a mess,sorry)


NEW FEATURE: Custom keyboard shortcuts!! launch any tool within lscript , with your own shortcuts!!!
Enabling-Disabling interfaces faster
Changing Mac faster
Anonymizing yourself faster
View your public IP faster
View your MAC faster
(The installer installs every tool you need automatically! (except Zatacker))
Fluxionby Deltaxflux
WifiTeby derv82
Wifiphisherby Dan McInerney
Zatackerby ???
Morpheusby Pedro ubuntu [ r00t-3xp10it ]
Osrframeworkby i3visio
Hakkuby 4shadoww
Trityby Toxic-ig
Cuppby Muris Kurgas
Dracnmapby Edo -maland-
Fern Wifi Crackerby Savio-code
Kichthemoutby Nikolaos Kamarinakis & David Schütz
BeeLoggerby Alisson Moretto - 4w4k3
Ghost-Phisherby Savio-code
Mdk3-master by Musket Developer
Anonsurf by Und3rf10w
The Eye by EgeBalci
Airgeddon by v1s1t0r1sh3r3
Xerxes by zanyarjamal
Ezsploit by rand0m1ze
Katana framework by PowerScript
4nonimizer by Hackplayers
Sslstrip2 by LeonardoNve
Dns2proxy by LeonardoNve
Pupy by n1nj4sec
Zirikatu by pasahitz
TheFatRat by Sceetsec
Angry IP Scanner by Anton Keks
Sniper by 1N3
ReconDog by UltimateHackers
RED HAWK by Tuhinshubhra
**Wifi password scripts**
Handshake (WPA-WPA2)
Find WPS pin (WPA-WPA2)
WEP hacking (WEP)

How to install

(make sure you are a root user)

Be careful. If you download it as a .zip file, it will not run. Make sure to follow these simple instructions.

git clone
cd lscript
chmod +x

How to run it

(make sure you are a root user)

open terminal
type "l"
press enter

(Not even “lazy”!! Just “l”! The less you type , the better!)

How to uninstall

cd /root/lscript
rmdir -r /root/lscript

How to update

Run the script
Type "update"

you should be a root user to run the script

DOWNLOAD The Lazy Script
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