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May 15, 2016
Hi, I would like to feed you with information, especially when you cannot successfully card stuff at e-commerce such as walmart, aliexpress, amazon, and flipkart.

the methods shared at this forum are still alive and even when old and dead, those are still useful.
however, most of newbies fail at gathering basic knowledge which is required to know before you actually try carding on the websites.
so I have decided to give you information by telling what would trigger failure/cancellation.

here goes why your carding is rejected by issuer and system

1. DNS and IP do not match each other
most of system can detect information of your internet connection.
you can actually what would be shared with them, by looking upto
all the information which the whoer shows you will be used to authorize payment/order of credit card.

and after all success in this world fully depends on how you spoof and make it look like order was placed by actual holders.
thus you must modify your information as much close as the one of holders.

and in the commonsense, most of users of the internet does not know about internet connection.
so with the setup which is not modified intentionally, DNS and IP would show the same digits.

you can actually use socks5 to cover your DNS, however with proxifier, you must modify setting so as to make it cover DNS.

2. VPN is not blacklisted but blocked by websites
VPN providers which are known widely among internet security agents are blocked to place order, however when it is not blacklisted and accessible to the websites through it.
when shows what anonymizer you are using, you cannot place order.

to show you example, blocks orders placed throught NordVPN.

3. internal IP leak
you must cut off Web-rtc and cover DNS.
every information which shows you will be used to authorize payment.

web-rtc leaks your internal IP.
DNS leaks your internal IP.

and with internal IP, they can know your actual place which you are accessing from.
thus they would throw flag onto authorization of payment.

without modifying these information above, you cannot succeed forever.
and however the system let you pass through their verification, issuers do not as all the information used to authorize by system will be shared with issuer's system.
do not forget authorization will be done by two-steps.

3. time-zone does not match the one of IP
you must change your system time-zone so as to match the one IP shows.
this information can actually be shared with the websites by using Javascript.
and you must think why most of websites requires you to turn on JS.
they always want you to disclose your actual place and this fact implies that they would like to use even time-zone to authorize your payment.

do not forget information use for authorization will be shared even with issuers.

4. OS language is not spoken widely among the countries which holders live in
I guess you guys try carding American e-commerce.
and some of you guys are not from the USA.
so sometimes, you have registered local languages on your browser.

remember, also shows OS language you use for browsing.
you cannot register language except ENG(US)

as long as you have the other languages on your setting, they would block your order.

5. You have chosen BIN wrongly
all major e-commerce have preferable BIN.
you must follow the recommendation given from experienced carders here.
they are willing to help you, then how come you would ignore them ?

walmart has specific BIN for successful carding.
Amazon, flipkart and apple are as well.

just take their advice, you will not waste your time.

6. you have put information attached with CC wrongly
sometimes vendor gives you wrong information.
this is sad thing but they are also human.

you must rely onto someone who has high validity and reputation in the store in which you buy info.

and just for your info, vendors on deepweb cannot be trustworthy.
they always resell information that they have obtained in clear-net.
they are not professional but they are just vultures aiming at making profits in someone's business.

now I provided you the most reasons why you fail at carding stuffs.

I would like you to share your experience using the information which I gave you this time.
if you succeeded with this, share your experience by writing posts here.

it helps this post gain reputation and eventually helps people who came to this world as newbies.
hope this information help your success.
this is not really practical skill but it surely makes you gain new horizon.


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May 26, 2018
i love this....piece of information though i just joined this forum but am looking to card ebay, bestbuy, amazon or walmart
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