The facial recognition system of the London police is mistaken in 81% of cases

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May 15, 2016
Face recognition technologies are already used by law enforcement agencies in different countries. But how good are such systems?

It turned out that sometimes they are extremely far from perfect. According to the source, according to an independent report, the Met face recognition system used by the London police in 81% of cases reveals completely wrong people.

Met is used in 10 districts of the city. The researchers checked the accuracy of the system in six of them and it turned out that of the 42 suspicious coincidences that the system identified, only eight were correct.

This system is used in the capital of Great Britain since 2016 and, apparently, is still in pilot mode. And although she had obvious success, the report indicates that in the case of challenging the work of the system in court, its use can be considered illegal at all.

In addition, a number of experts believe that the system, to the other, still does not sufficiently fully notify people on the street that they are under observation, but this does not apply to the question of the quality of its work.
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