The Dangers And Benefits Of DarkWeb

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May 15, 2016
The darknet is the dark side of the global web. Being able to competently handle this tool, you have a huge advantage over ordinary users of the network, plowing only open spaces of a clenet. However, Darknet also contains a lot of dangers for a simple, inexperienced user who has wandered into this dark part of the web. Let us consider what dangers can be encountered, and what advantages this mysterious Darknet can give us.

The dangers of the dark web for society:

The darknet represents many threats to the modern world. Many of the anonymous or hidden resources on Darknet are counters of the world black market, which are lined with drugs, counterfeit money, software hacking offers, weapons, child pornography, as well as stolen credit cards. On these resources you can even find often unreliable killers. It was reported that even organs could be purchased there, for example: kidneys for $ 200,000, liver for $ 150,000, and hearts - $ 120,000.

You can also hire hackers. Hackers are leased by cybercrime syndicates, for example, the Chinese group Hidden Lynx, which includes hackers who claim to have been hacked into Adobe, Google and Lockheed Martin.

Multilingual criminal call-centers are one of the services offered on Darknet. Those who work in such call centers are ready to play any role, for example. Providing educational and jobs, unlocking hacked accounts, initiating remittances and more. Such calls can cost about $ 10.

Benefits Darknet for society:

For good intentions below are the most important advantages of a dark network:

Anonymity and concealment of the person:

TOR-browser used to access the Darknet resources, provides users with the possibility of anonymous access to the Internet. Tor is the most effective way to circumvent censorship on the Internet. TOR does not allow ISPs to know which sites are visited by users. It also blocks visited sites from determining the physical location of their visitors. Journalists use TOR to communicate calmly and anonymously with dissidents and informants.

Corporations also use Tor to conduct a private competitive analysis, as well as confidentially procure funds to combat wiretapping.

Freedom of speech:

We all know about the problems associated with freedom of speech on the Internet. Thanks to the darknet, freedom of speech is protected by anonymity. For example, people living in countries with repressive regimes, such as North Korea, can freely express their opinions. They can blog about their lives and experiences in such countries using hidden services on the darknet.

Bypassing blocked sites:

In order to prevent the spread of revolutionary ideas, many states block access to websites, especially social networks. But the TOR-browser helps us in solving this problem again.

Knowledge and awareness:

Darknet is the largest repository of various forms of virtual libraries. This is an ideal place for students and researchers, because they can find in the vastness of the dark web something that cannot be obtained using traditional search engines. For example, Google DeeperWeb and Microsoft Academic Research allow users to penetrate deeper into the dark web. Legal documents that are buried deep on the Internet may be disclosed to study certain court cases and decisions.

Other benefits:

The Tor network allows users to bypass domains blocked by ISPs. In addition to allowing us to keep our information safe, the dark network also offers us a variety of services, including emails, Freenet, I2P, P2P, Tor, and VPN.
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