The court extended the detention of Alexander Vinnik until January 2020

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May 15, 2016
The Greek court extended the detention of Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik, suspected of laundering at least $ 4 billion through the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange, until January 25, 2020. This was told by his lawyer Timofey Musatov, reports TASS.

“The period of detention of Vinnik was to end on July 25. In particularly exceptional cases, a council of judges should be convened, which may extend the detention for another six months. During the meeting, the judges said that they had the task of extending the period of Vinnik's detention, ”said Musatov.
Protection Vinnik intends to soon appeal to the highest court.

According to Musatov, the preparation of the court session was held with violations of the established procedural rules. In particular, Alexander Vinnik received a subpoena in Greek, although participants in the process must be notified in their native languages. In addition, the meeting itself was held without the presence of Vinnik or his lawyers.

Recall that Alexander Vinnik was detained in Greece at the request of the American authorities on July 25, 2017. He was accused of laundering up to $ 4 billion through the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange. In June 2018, Vinnik was arrested in absentia in Russia on charges of cyber fraud on a large scale.

In addition to Russia, the request for the extradition of Russians filed a few more countries. The court satisfied almost every one of them. So, the request of the USA, two requests of Russia and one from France were approved.

It is worth noting that lawyers of Alexander Vinnik have repeatedly declared violations of the rights of his client. Vinnik himself even went on a hunger strike because of the judicial "lawlessness". In April, his condition worsened dramatically - he was taken to court in an ambulance with a police escort.

Then Vinnik said he was resuming a hunger strike in protest against an unjust court in Greece. He noted that he guesses in advance about the decision of the court to extend his detention in custody.
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