The Central Bank Estimated The “hole” In The Balance Sheet Of Ram Bank At 1.8 Billion Rubles

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May 15, 2016
The "hole" in the capital of RAM Bank, whose license was revoked on July 26 this year, is 1.791 billion rubles, follows from the materials of the Central Bank.

According to the report of the interim administration, published on the regulator’s website, the bank’s assets as of the date of the survey are estimated at about 614.086 million rubles, liabilities at more than 2.405 billion.

Thus, the negative difference between assets and liabilities amounted to 1.791 billion rubles.

Since July 26, the Central Bank of Russia revoked a banking license from RAM Bank (registration number 3480, Moscow). The regulator reports this in a press release.

Explaining the withdrawal of a license from RAM Bank, the Central Bank, among other things, indicated that the credit institution entered into "circuit" transactions, which made it possible to ensure formal compliance with the established requirements for the amount of capital and mandatory ratios. The Bank also “violated federal laws governing banking activities and Bank of Russia regulations, in connection with which the regulator repeatedly applied measures to it over the past 12 months, including introducing restrictions on attracting funds from individuals,” the regulator’s release said.
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