Tfr Technologies Make It Possible To Identify A Criminal Even With A Very Changed Appearance

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May 15, 2016

Forensic scientists talked about technology that allows you to identify the criminal who put on a lot of clothes and changed his hair.

Criminologists of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation can identify a criminal even by a fuzzy image from video surveillance cameras, and even if he changed his appearance greatly (lost weight or got better, began to wear a different hairstyle, etc.).

In the first episode of the “Miracles of Forensic Science” series, published on YouTube, SKR experts unveiled the curtain on some of the technologies they use in criminal investigations. In particular, criminologists talked about face recognition technology, which had to be resorted to in March of this year to capture the sex maniac who was operating in the hallways.

Cameras installed in the doorways of the intercoms recorded the criminal, but the image turned out to be blurry. Moreover, the main suspect changed his appearance - he lost 20 kg and shaved his head. Using special technologies, the experts created a three-dimensional model of the human head and superimposed frames on it, captured from different angles by cameras. As a result, the version of the suspect's guilt was confirmed.

Face recognition technologies used by SKR will help to identify a person, even if he is wrapped in voluminous clothes from head to toe. For example, such a "masquerade" did not save the killer, hired to kill an entrepreneur in Tambov, from justice. The crime committed by him was recorded by a video surveillance camera, but the video recording did not allow to identify the suspect. With the help of a video-technical examination, the criminologists of the Investigative Committee managed to determine the height and physique of the offender to the nearest centimeter. With the help of additional investigative and search measures, the investigation was able to establish the identity of the suspect. As a result, the attacker was caught and confessed to the crime.
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