Telegram Protection


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Nov 7, 2017
Use two-factor authentication with a complex password.

This can be done in the application settings. Enhanced protection slightly complicates the entrance for you, and for hackers it makes breaking almost impossible.

Remember the password and do not set up a “backup e-mail”

With a spare e-mail address, it's quieter - you can restore your forgotten password at any time using mail. But hackers can take advantage of this convenience - hacking spare mail is much easier than telegrams themselves. Having access to the mail, the attackers can easily get to the messenger.

Turn Passcode Lock on.

This item is in the security settings. Each time you enter the telegram, the application will ask you to enter the pin code set in the settings. It works like a phone lock - if the smartphone is lost, another person will not be able to use your account.

Do not answer

telegram calls from strangers. If an unfamiliar number is ringing telegrams, do not answer. This may well be the attackers who want to know the number to which the account is linked. Knowing the phone number, they are 50% easier to break into themselves.

Log in to your account from another phone or tablet.

If something happens to the main device, you can immediately log in to the account from another and secure it.
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