Successful Carding


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Jan 10, 2018
Some of the things that help me successfully card items are the following

1. Theirs a big difference between (Credit Cards) and (Debit Cards)
(Credit Cards) A credit card doesn't need to have money on it for the purchase you're trying to make you can buy anything and it will go through and will be charged to a monthly bill of the card holder.
(Debit Card) A debit card will have to have more than or the exact amount of money on it to buy what you're trying to card and most dont have more than $200 on them so I personally don't recommend them.

2. When buying things I like to go through auction to find what I want. For example StockX (SHOES) or eBay, if I find something I want on the website I will try to be the highest bidder. Once you win the bid you checkout and Enter the card information you have purchased.

3. If things go well your purchase should go through, To get something to ship faster come up with an excuse like "I have a event coming up next week, Can you ship fast?". This usually works and you will get a email saying it was shipped.

Your Item should be arriving soon If everything went good. ffffffff.PNG
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