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May 27, 2016
A new method fromVizOne detected in 2017
i have too much time and when i trying
i got this method and its worked with 626$ or more i dont know
and you are must follow the steps or u are gonna get alert

  • 1-you are must have old steam account within 2-7 years only if u want old accounts pm me
  • 2-you are must run vpn like what the cc is from always because if u are not do it how cc is from india
  • and you are from usa cannt be usa with india and if u not in usa and cc from india u wont can use it
  • thats why u must run vpn like cc from
  • 3-the best thing too much people are doing it do not add wallet the wallet is going alert your account 100% because need verify your account
  • 4- and you are must enter the billing right correctly 100% like the cc from
  • 5-do as u want the price only from 1-700$ up 700 the alert is coming.
  • 6- u must use emails not gmail,hotmail,yahoo,yandex,etc.. temp or ur host first 15 persons u will email what i use
  • 7-and about private cc and public cc why private is better from public i will explain why
  • because be sure always public cc for 100member and up and always too much members are trying in one credit card and all of them are using
  • not correct billing and u using right billing and then 3 orders all of them there is different of billing thats steam know fraud and about private
  • there is no one are trying in your private cc and u will right the correct and connect vpn like it and with calm but public isnt calm
  • 8-if u are use hidemyass,express vpn,etc doesnt matter and if u are using not vpn socks
  • this website is sharing socks&proxies and good everyday and if u want to check ur socks&proxies with sql dumper
  • and iam not gonna drop the link because its virus for the people and its hacktools this for socks and other etcc
  • 9-be sure u are must wait like 1-8 days to see everything is clear and the alert will be gone and u can be safe next 1-8 this worked with me dont worry
  • if u arent the steps the alert will input in your steam account this method by jamesqad and be sure have fun and enjoy it
  • and be sure it will come by steam and it will expired by steam they will create update and always get alert
  • 10-do not try with 4 tries or they will alert your account

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a proof 600$ within 2 days and its 600$ not 20$
Wait 10Days
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