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Oct 28, 2016
Got this info from a site . anyone doing this successfully .

clone your 201s on card.
You can use any writer ez100pu ACR 83 ACR92 omnikey 3121 or NONUS [You only NEED T2] write on jcop21 -36k or jacop31 (versions latest that are now being used now maybe can work with others new coming ones) and it work on all pos models ..when ask pin you insert any 4 digits sample 0000. The buyer will be provided couple of banks which worked and tested on it cause at is it seems it does not work with all banks)
Explanation more: software will write 201 dump on the chip - verifone will read it and approve it.

JCOP: is related to java programming.
this will be cards to write 201s on it.

You need JACOP21-36k or jacop31 model cards. ( java cards)
SO you can find many writers and cards models should be JCOP
there are some writers which do magstrip and chip also together.

Anyways - the important is Java card.
This software works with java cards work with static EMV security not with dynamic. the software was like impossible to do it ! but its done.
Static means the t2 remains the same every transaction.

the good news is that USA is shifting to EMV.
The thing to add is that i will provide from alot of banks that uses static some of them that has been tested on it after purchase. imagine how many banks using STATIC!
Seller of 201s will go far in business.

- Insert your chip card and type any pin (0000) is something very good many countries have EMV to implement it. but you can also force pos to read it.

it works on all models. is not only for them but has been tested on verifones
approx many models will work the important is bank EMV static or dynamic. but u can't know since you don't test the bank dumps bins.

- IF the bin tried on pos is working on pos with random pin then u can clone the t2 on card and withdraw from ATM but you will need original Pin.
- If you have original card of you that handles the same chip model of jacop then u can use your original card to clone on it.
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