Spanish police have detained cybercriminals by carding and phishing

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May 15, 2016
In total, the groupings included 25 natives of different countries, 12 of them were minors.

The Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) detained two cybercriminal groups during operations in Barcelona. In total, 25 cybercriminals are suspected of Internet fraud, 12 of whom turned out to be underage, according to a police press release.

Criminals gained access to bank accounts using such fraud methods as phishing and carding to order and resell electronic equipment. The number of victims of their activities totals 69 people.

The first group of cybercriminals wielded Mataro in the province of Barcelona via Internet mailings. They sent letters on behalf of banks that reported problems with accounts. To solve them, the attackers offered to go to a fake web page and enter the access password. According to the police, the criminals managed to steal 48 thousand euros from the bank accounts of the victims. The group consisted of 10 people, including citizens of Spain and Morocco.

The second group, consisting of 15 people (12 minors), conducted criminal activities in the Maresme and Valles Oriental (province of Barcelona). Each member of the group performed a separate task. Some were responsible for numbering credit cards by phishing and carding for resale to associates. Others bought electronic equipment with stolen cards, and then resold it. Still others sent online purchases to automated courier companies. Among the detainees were natives of different countries, but the police did not specify the nationality.

The attackers used the stolen identity cards to create profiles and identify the recipients of fraudulent purchases, protection against tracking the IP addresses of the terminals they use, as well as the Tor network to preserve anonymity.
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