Spammers use Google services to bypass spam filters.

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May 15, 2016
Researchers at Kaspersky Lab talked about how Internet fraudsters and spammers are deceiving users through Google services. Thanks to the synchronization of services with Gmail, attackers can send messages on their behalf to emails that will not be blocked by spam filters.

First, the spammers adapted the Calendar for their needs. The service allows anyone to make an appointment to the user, about which he receives a corresponding notification, and the fraudsters rushed endeavored to make appointments. They write the text of their message in the fields “Theme of the event” and “Where”. As a rule, these are fake win or cash reward notifications containing a link.

"Then everything is simple - either the link is phishing and the attackers will try to lure out the card data from you (ostensibly to send you a“ reward ”), or they will ask for some kind of transfer fee that you must pay before the“ due amount ”comes . Which, of course, will never come, ”the researchers report.
Secondly, fraudsters have learned to write spam comments under the photos. They mark the user in the photo, in the comments to which they write the text of the message.

“For example, a photograph of a non-existent check immediately gives out the intentions of the fraudsters: a certain commission is mentioned on the check, which will have to be paid to receive a transfer of a much larger amount. After the victim pays the commission, the fraudsters simply break off any contact with her, ”explained in the LC.​
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