Software to Ensure Anonymity

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May 15, 2016
I suggest you familiarize yourself with the minimum set of software that will be useful to you and your anonymous ass. Go!

1) STZBlaster - a program to change the name of the PC, host, processor ID, HDD volume, MAC adress and much more. Also in the program, you can additionally change the regional settings. The only thing I want to note is that you should not trust her to change the MAS.

2) RMOSChange.exe - the program changes the HTTP headers of popular browsers. The essence of the program, and why is it needed? First, if scripts are enabled, then data such as browser version, browser language, user-agent, OS are transmitted. Wouldn't it be strange if we go to the shell from a Russian browser, but through American socks \ ssh? Secondly, if you use Amerikosovsky or bourgeois Dedik \ soksom \ vpn, then you need to change the settings for IE, because there is the most popular browser. Why this is necessary, I think, it is not worth telling.

3) SMAC 2.0 - the program spoofit the MAC address of the network card. You can change once a month MAC addresses and everything will be ok.

4) Privacy Suite Main Menu - we crypt and hide our container already created by TrueCrypt in jpg, wav files. You can also create a safe. Another indisputable advantage of this software is that it irretrievably destroys files. You can also crypt on a USB flash drive. We also open the encrypted container without having to reinstall the software.

5) TrueCrypt - I think that this is the best software for data encryption.

6) Proxyfier - a simple proxy. It is possible to specify an application that needs to be socialized.

7) OpenVPN GUI - OpenVPN client, needed to connect to a vpn-server.

8) VPSProxy - the essence of the program is that we use flooded gates on shells \ hosting \ servers as socks. The key feature of the software is that the incoming and outgoing gate is constantly changing. Use only over vpn / ssh.

9) VMware workstation is the most popular program for system virtualization. Why do you need? It's very simple, again, if you have scripts enabled in your browser (what you need for your shell), then along with ip, dns, etc. OS language is also transmitted. The scheme is simple, we put the cook on, then buy the backdoor-patch on the cook, or use the one in public (if you find a patch without Virya, then you are lucky). We take and throw all the gray software on cook. If you smell something wrong, then three of the Privacy Suite will be formatted in NTFS with some kind of program.

10) O & O SafeErase is a program that should be trusted to permanently delete files.

This is the minimum set of software that everyone who is involved in dashing business should have, even if it is not very dirty.
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