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Sep 14, 2017
Welcome to Shopify Cashout Method

We use Shopify because it’s simply the best platform to use.. Shopify is the best to use because there is no coding required, no experience needed and you can get a store up and running with no design skills! This makes things very easy when it comes to creating your first drop shipping store and making your first dollar online.

FREE TRIAL > (14 days free)

NEXT STEP: Activate Your Store And Choose A Plan​
The suggestion here would be to select the $79 plan. You get advanced reporting options and cheaper transaction fees. In fact I HIGHLY recommend this plan. It’s a great option to get all the great features. The basic plan is also fine but you won’t get the great reporting and other advanced features. You can choose your plan by going to the ACCOUNT tab in Shopify.​
Your FREE trial will still be activated and last for 14 days. Once this is over then your plan will start. Shopify really is the best platform for this, it’s setup perfectly for this type of method. You won’t be charged on the free trial but it’s best to activate a plan early to get the features.​

(You must pay that using legit cc if you don’t have 79$ , try with 29$...don’t worry you will get it back , the idea here is you must buy it in legal way )
Why u need to pay ? because you will success and after u start making big money account will be banned so pay the money and then u will get it back for sure ! )​

Some screens :​
NEXT STEP: Understanding How Drop Shipping Works​
It’s important to understand how this method works. What we do is sell products online that we don’t even own! That’s right we hold no products. We spend $0 on products upfront. We only spend money on the products when we purchase them but we send them straight to the customer who placed an order on our Shopify Store.
We already have the money from the customer before we even place the order for the product. We spend no money upfront on products. This is a great way to start online if you have a small budget.
We use a website called Aliexpress (more on this site soon) to find out products. This is the only drop shipping website you need. There are lots more out there but this one is the best​

NEXT STEP: Importing Products With Oberlo​

When adding products to our sites and placing orders on Aliexpress we use an app called Oberlo. This makes things alot easier and automates everything for you. Trust me this app makes things A LOT easier.
I’m going to give you a rundown on how this Shopify App works. The first step is to go to Oberlo and download the app. It’s FREE!​

The next step is to make sure you downloaded the chrome extension! This is going to make it so much easier for you. When you’re searching on Aliexpress you can add products straight to your Shopify store using the Oberlo app.
Just find a product then click “Add To Import List” This will add the product to your Shopify store. Just like this…​

One you have imported a product it will now be in your Oberlo import list. What you need to do now is go to your apps in Shopify and click “Oberlo” Then go to your import list to customize the product and add it to your store.​

Once in the Import list you can edit the product. You can edit things like description as you can see in the Image above. Once you have done this all you need to do is click “Push to Shop” and it’s then added to your store.​
Now the next step is to know how to full orders when you get them, this is really easy. When you get an order go into the Oberlo app again then click orders from the left side panel. All of your latest orders will show up and you can simple place the orders and it will do everything for you… any I mean EVERYTHING. Oberlo is amazing it will go to Aliexpress and do everything for you like put in the customer details etc and place the order.​
That’s all there is to it! Oberlo is super easy and will make everything automatically happen when it comes to placing orders.​

Here’s a little video easy :
NEXT STEP: Getting Traffic To Your Shopify Store​

Now that you have an awesome store setup it’s time to get some traffic. Most of us use facebook adverts and Instagram shoutouts to get our traffic. What we do with Facebook is target people we think will be interested in our products. We then start a facebook advert that cost us a few dollars a day to run. Once we get a winning advert we scale that advert up for more profits.
With instagram we contact influencers with lots of followers and pay them to promote our products. This is also a great way to get really targeted traffic to your product.​
Now illegal ways:​

All that was to show you how drop shipping can watch videos on youtube step by step
It’s very easy and people quit jobs to do that..
So Now How we will make so much money fast and easy ?​

1-You need facebook page & instagram acc
2-Share ur products to facebook and instagram…
3-card facebook ads to get many people to view ur products and buy
4-use auto like this one for instagram
[URL=''] auto liker +auto follower[/URL]​

that’s all ,it’s very easy to use all u need is some marketing stuffs

After u buy Shopify domain
Share ur site to all carding forums and just say site is cardable… and just wait lol
You will be amazed how many people will start carding
Well nothing to lose for you just sit down and watch number getting up and up so fucking fast​


After ur shop is ready
Card it by ur self lol using atn cc
How ?
-Use socks to change IP + Computer time
&chose a product and card it to you
Or card it for people ( carding services )
Or just card the item to cc adresse lol
You will make money in all ways .

That’s all !
Proof are below​
Alright so I’ve showed you how we earn a living online by using Shopify to drop ship products online. This is one of the best methods to date because it actually works! This isn’t like all those other BS method you have heard about. This method is helping people quit their 9-5 job.

So let’s recap some steps​
Step 1
Start a Shopify store so you have a place to sell products from. This store is going to be your main hub that you send traffic to.​
Step 2
Find a product to sell on Aliexpress, add that product to your store using Oberlo. Also if you can add more product because people sometimes buy more than one product.​
Step 3
Make sure your store looks good but is also very basic with no distractions. We want to buyer to be concentrating on buying products.​
Step 4
Use Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to your website. Make sure your traffic is niche specific, so target people who will actually have an interest in your products.​


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Feb 20, 2018
I need information on the following to set up a stealth shopify account.

1. Getting the EIN number and Social security Number SSN
2. How to set up banking details to receive payment such as bank account, stripe account, payoneer account, Iban account details for EU resident for shopify etc.
3. How to meet shopify tax requirement.
4. LCC details and all that stuff if a carder is not a USA citizen.

Basically, tell us about how to add banking details to shopify account that will enable a seller receive payments.
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