"Second Snowden" received 9 years in prison for stealing secret documents

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May 15, 2016
A former NSA contractor stole 50 TB of secret data.

On Friday, July 19, in Maryland, former US National Security Agency contractor Harold Martin (Harold Martin) was sentenced to nine years in prison for stealing 50 TB of secret materials from US intelligence services for two decades. Militiamen did not find evidence that he gave the stolen information to anyone.

According to officials, this incident was perhaps the biggest leak of classified information in US history. Martin is accused of embezzling 50 TB of secret documents for the period from 1996 to 2016 belonging to various special services, including the NSA, the CIA, the US Cyber Command, and the National Directorate of Military Space Intelligence.

The list of stolen documents also included the NSA manual on using the information gathering tool and the 2007 file with details on specific daily operations. Previously, Martin’s advocates stated that his actions are the result of mental illness, not betrayal.

Martin worked for Booz Allen Hamilton Holding (for which Edward Snowden once worked) when he was taken into custody in August 2016.
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