Sberbank keeps under control the situation with new fraud in its ATMs

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May 15, 2016
Sberbank made improvements that would nullify the theft from ATMs during the device timeout. The deputy chairman of the credit organization Sergei Kuznetsov told journalists about this.

“There was no large-scale problem. This is definitely not a cyber attack and not a cyber fraud, but we have already carried out all the related improvements. Including customer-oriented convenience. So that the client will never again get into this situation, even if his brain was “powdered” and distracted from the screen, ”said Kuznetsov.

Earlier, the newspaper Kommersant reported embezzlement through Sberbank ATMs. The attacker starts the operation on the terminal without inserting the card, does not complete it and leaves. The terminal gives 90 seconds to complete the operation, and if the next client inserts his card during this period, then the funds will be charged off at the request of the previous client. The reason is in the peculiarities of setting up a user scenario in the terminals and ATMs of Sberbank.

According to Kuznetsov, this type of fraud is based on social engineering, and there are few such cases.

“We have long ago begun to insure our clients with other methods (I will not say what) so that they do not accidentally make a mistake. Recently, we have literally recorded five cases across the country [per week] when there have been such inattentive attempts. In total there were several dozens of them, ”said the Deputy Chairman of Sberbank.
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