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May 15, 2016

Suppose you are a sufficiently qualified person in the field of carding, information security and software development of any type. And one fine day, you burned / depressed notably and decided to go into it-crime. But, as banal as it may sound, we are all human, and such an incident can happen that you are rather nonchalant about your security.

Some will immediately ask themselves the question: “Why is security in the real world, when I use double / triple vpn + tor + virtual + laptop + mamkin basement, and so on.” answers below, writing everything in the form of a certain algorithm consisting of a series of actions that you need to perform. Again, these precautions are necessary if you are doing really black things, and not brutalite Steam akki, sitting in the chatroom “Underground”. Perhaps we will begin.

General understanding of the situation

The first thing that should be done is to ensure that you learn the most important rule - not to dwell on what you are doing. Do not give any hints at all. I understand that sometimes human vanity, pride and, which is already there, ordinary CSV does not allow itself to be controlled and just want to tell everyone that you are almost God in the world of Internet, but try to restrain yourself. Do not talk about such things in public places, near any devices: laptops, tablets, phones. Do not give people any reason to think that you are somehow connected with this. Do not inform anyone on these topics, even if everything is legal. Never disclose information about dill on the phone, Skype, correspondence in VK and so on. Try to break yourself into two personalities: in the afternoon you are an ordinary programmer / system administrator Vanek, working in a large IT-company (or just study in this specialty), and at night a well-known hacker under his pseudonym. Use jabber / telegram to share thematic information. This will provide you with at least some protection and anonymity. For more extensive methods of communication in the network have been monitored for a long time and, if necessary, law enforcement agencies will shake everything from your “Vkontaktik” to the last bit, even without access to your account.

Trustee Exceptions

Although I mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t say that you are engaged in carding, for example, one close person (in the future - one of the parents; the best friend) should know that you are doing because if you are taken by hand and taken away while you return from uni / work, someone should take care of a number of things for your safety. Also, one of the parents must be aware so that during your absence, due to his ignorance, he will not inadvertently let in any of the police officers, because if they enter, they will no longer leave your apartment. And yet, if possible, do not say anything about this to your girlfriend, as this is not advisable. In the case of parting is very likely that she will pass you. As for me, the best option in order to bring your girlfriend up to date - 2–3 years of cooperative relations, not earlier. And it is advisable that you at least live together and have serious intentions. Of course, all these moments are a generalization, where I row all one size fits all. You need to learn to feel this fine line when you can confide in a person, and when you don’t have anything to do with him. Therefore, in addition to your knowledge of information security, coding, carding and many other things, it would be nice to have a pack of knowledge about the psychology of human behavior, but this is another topic for discussion. when you can trust a person at once, and when you don’t have anything to do with him at all. Therefore, in addition to your knowledge of information security, coding, carding and many other things, it would be nice to have a pack of knowledge about the psychology of human behavior, but this is another topic for discussion. when you can trust a person at once, and when you don’t have anything to do with him at all. Therefore, in addition to your knowledge of information security, coding, carding and many other things, it would be nice to have a pack of knowledge about the psychology of human behavior, but this is another topic for discussion.

Doing business with law enforcement agencies

As a rule, there are two options for the development of events: you will descend to your home or take it by the hand during a walk. Let's consider separately each of the options.

1. Apartment: Usually these guys come in an amount of 1-3 people, if it is not a special grip group, early in the morning, in order for sure to catch you at home. They will immediately be asked to let them in, and this is not necessary. According to the laws of any more or less developed country (even our CIS countries fall under this category) you have the right not to let them into your apartment without any documents (we are talking about a search and arrest warrant). In addition, they have no right to invade you, threaten and demand to perform certain actions, and they know it, so if you have become a witness or participant of such attacks, you should know that in 99% this is a real bluff.

You also have the right for law enforcement officers to present their ID and the reason why they bother you. If there are no documents, you can safely slam the door in front of their nose, but after such a case I advise you to immediately look for a lawyer, because if your sins are associated only with hacking, then you are on a hook. Based on this, it is worth lying to the bottom for obvious reasons. There are also hotel situations when neighbors can substitute you, so try not to contact them or make a reverse, please yourself in their eyes, so that if they ask you, they will praise you in every possible way, this also plays a key role, but we'll talk about it a little later. .

2. Capture outside your home: What is most likely, since visiting the place where you live for them is extremely inefficient. Everything is much more difficult, because if you are asked to drive with them to the office, it will be harder to get out. Of course, you can demand what was described in the first paragraph, but as practice shows, everything is not in your favor.

Along the way, while you are entertained, others can get into your apartment and find data that will help you jail for many years. Then no one will worry that you were tied initially against your will and entered the house without a warrant. Facts on the face. That's why you need a person from outside who can erase your data (if you live together), start looking for a lawyer and collect money.

3. Destruction of evidence: If in the first case you have at least some time to drain the flash drives into the toilet, unlock hard drives with a drill, and the computer out the window, then in the second case everything is much more complicated. Therefore, prepare in advance all measures for the destruction of data carriers. Here you can use encryption, a special key combination at system startup, without pressing which the disk is formatted automatically, special programs for the same functions and device (for especially paranoid), which is attached to the hard disk and has a remote control. So if they tie you up on the street, they’re unlikely to do a search, and if you don’t resist, then you’re likely not to even get the handcuffs. Here you can and quietly click and that's it. A powerful electromagnetic pulse will hit your hard drive.

4. Lawyer: Seriously, call all the lawyers in your city and ask who of them will be able to defend you in court in the worst case scenario. If you find one, take note of it. As a rule, in the CIS segment, not everyone will be able to properly stand up for you and even more so to justify.

5. Pressure: You or your loved ones may be under psychological pressure. Suppose you fall under the article for which they give 1 year in prison, figuratively speaking. They will tell everyone that cybercriminal number 1 in the 21st century and you have a life sentence.

In this way, they set the audience against you to break you down. For, it seems to me, none of you will want your parents to be fired from their jobs or put all kinds of pressure on them. No one wants your brothers and sisters / friends to rot in their uch. institution, if the case will give wide publicity. But do not worry, therefore, about. With the right approach and the implementation of a number of actions in advance, in the worst case you will be given 1 year in prison. In fact, it usually ends with a condition for up to 2 years.

6. The oddities of the CIS-being: Our people are so arranged that the positive qualities that will be properly presented in court will be able to justify you, even if it is clear to the fool that you are guilty. This may be some characteristics from school and work, reviews of people, charity events and much more. With such a package of positive "buns" + first conviction + the absence of any problems with law enforcement agencies can be reduced to the status of "the devil misled, who does not happen." In addition to all of the above, we don’t like to do this and there is no such professionalism as in the west.


In conclusion, I would like to say that this information pack is introductory and very abstract. It all depends on what you do, under what article you get, who took you, what kind of person you are, etc., etc. So do not relax much. Be vigilant and develop.
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