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May 15, 2016
When you quickly view photos in social networks, you get very little information about the photographer. But if a person uploads a photo in its original native size, you immediately get information about how the camera took the photo, its settings, including what programs you edited the photo before you launched it into the network.

And in cases with photos taken from a smartphone or mobile phone, you can find out the coordinates of this place. I do not think that everyone would like to share this information. This article is for those who would like to hide all this data.

How to remove EXIF information data from photos

For Windows, there is a free QuickFix program that can help you cope with this task. Just drag the photo into the opened program window, click on the “Clean MetaData” button, and all information will be permanently deleted.

This program will create a new copy of the photo but it will not overwrite the original photo.

The program will not only remove all EXIF information and GPS location data, but also remove all XMP and IPTC tags that the photo processing program in which you have edited your photo can add.

There is also a program called Pro Photo Tools, which can also be used to remove general information about photos and GPS.

How to delete information from a photo without programs

Another option is to delete personal EXIF information using Windows. To do this, transfer all the photos in one folder. Select all the files, right click and select Properties. Then go to the Details tab and select "Delete Properties and Personal Information."
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