Putin proposed to soften the punishment for economic crimes

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May 15, 2016
President Vladimir Putin ordered before December 1 to prepare proposals to reduce the causes of unjustified arrests on economic crimes. This is reported on the site of the Kremlin.

The order was sent to the General Prosecutor's Office and the Supreme Court on the basis of a direct line.

In addition, the head of state ordered before August 1 to propose to change the law in the field of organized crime so that the category committed in the field of entrepreneurial activity does not fall under the category.

In a direct line held on June 20, Putin spoke in favor of using bail as a punishment for economic crimes, along with house arrest and a written undertaking not to leave the place. According to him, it is unacceptable to abuse the arrests of businessmen, but it is impossible to completely eliminate them.

The president also noted that the article on the criminal community on economic crimes is not without flaws. Putin said that under it "you can bring the board of directors of any organization."

On June 24, the chairman of the Civic Platform party, Rifat Shaikhutdinov, submitted to the State Duma a bill banning the prequalification of offenses under art. 210 of the Criminal Code (organization of the criminal community) for those suspected or accused of business. On June 26, the document was returned to the author due to the lack of government recall.
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