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Oct 28, 2016

What is RDP and what they using for?

RDP - Remote Desktop Connection. If talk easy words - rdp is a remote computer. RDPs mostly used to centralize the operation with databases, remote administration. At RDPs is placed many information, software for work, software for trading amd many others. Only a 5% of all RDPs is a Home computers, all others - comuters or servers firms and companies, they is turned on 24\7 and always accessible from internet, you need only IP adress, login and password to connect


But other side of RDPs is not so sweet, we will talk about it more detaily. RDP`s is used by hackers for next things:

1. Registering accounts in banks, shops, payment systems, dating sites and others.

2. Shopping for various sites, sending money, and other.

3. Installing poker\casino software, gaming. (this was very popular in 2008-2012 years, every 2hd RDP was used for casino\poker)

4. For sending spam ( this always was a popular, till for now. For sending spam uses Advanced Mass Sender software )

5. For hosting troyans, viruses, backdors ( many RDP`s have web-sites on a board, or WebServer is installed by hackers at RPD with direct IP )

6. In 2000 years was a popular installing Counter Strike gave servers on a RDP.

7. RDP with direct IP can be used as a VPN server or socks-proxy. For installing proxy mostly is used 3proxy software. Proxy server can be installed for any Operating system.

8. Your own VPN server. At a RDPs with server operating system, such as *(2003,2008,2011,2012,2016) admin priviliges, and direct can be configured as VPN server and traffic encryption. If VPN server was configured correctly - he will

hide your real IP adress.

9. Used for anonumous web-serfing.

10. Running hacker software. RDPs with powerful internet connection, strong CPU and big RAM are used for password guessing with a special software. In this way is cracked other RDP`s, Email accounts, Facebook accounts, Game accounts and

many other.

11. Bitcoin\litecoin mining. Trojan mining software installed by hacker on a rdp to get some bitcoins. That software load up CPU for 100%

12. Stoling info from RDP`s. Yes, many rdps have a lot useful info about people and companies, and can be sold at black markets for big price.

Where people get rdps? Is using RDP - legal?

All RDPs what can be found in internet network, forums - is not a legal. All they was hacked by special software. Many russian hackers make some money by selling RDPs for hackers from other countries. Price for RDP is variable, some

country and configs is a more expensive (10-15$), some cost 0.5-2$. You should remember that buying RDP access not making you a Owner of that RDP. You only a man, who have keys from the car, you can drive this car when real owner dont

see that. But if owner notice you - he can change a locks and keys.

So you must a be carreful with a RDP using, main rules is:

a) if possible - patch RDP and create your own account at it.

B) newer connect to RDP with your real IP adress. always use socks\proxy.

How i can connect to a RDP?

All RDPs are optimized for a Windows operating system, and you dont need any additional software. All you need to connect - just Run Remote Desctop Connection, or mstsc.exe / mstsc in your search windows bar After run that software you will see the window, copy\paste IP

adress of rdp there and press connect. It is easy.

Advanced people using MremoteNG software to connect RDPs. There you can store a lot of connections and all they can be acsessible by doubleclick.

After buying RDP you will get a port, domain,username and password. Format can be\login;password

After buying RDP you will get a port, domain,username and password. Format can be\login;password

rdp_connect.png - insert this in to a IP field, as shows screen abowe. part :3389 is not a nessessary, but if port is different than 3389, you must insert it.

domain\login - this is login, copy this part in to a login field, after connecting to rdp.

; - is only a separator

password - this is a password.

What is Direct IP, what is need for?

Direct ip means that RDP is connected to internet without any router, cable is inserted directly to pc. All open ports that RDP can be accessible from internet. Servers with direct IP is used for installing proxy software, rat software,

vpn servers, hosting.

Using a RDPs for a internet shopping.

We are living in 21st century, age of high technologies, electrocars, finger and eye scanners.

If 5-10 years ago only a proxy of other country or region was needed to buy something in a internet shop, now its becomes more difficult. Web technologies is advanced too, shops, banks and other systems are secured with a latest

software and scripts. They can detect a real user location, browser version, operating system, screen resolution, browser fingerprint, installed hardware, device name and many other things. If detecting system see something wrong in

your queries, your order may be cancelled.

If you are using vpn\socks\ssh you show to the shop only the IP adress, but your operating system, config, and other is always that sames, you are changing only ip. Security system see it, and you are always detected, even after

changing IP.

Using RDP solve this problem. Every RDP - it is a different PC, different IP, different config. You need a ssh or proxy only to secure your connection for RDP. All you need - just find a RDP. Our shop provides full info about RDPs, we

are checking browsers, registry, discs and you can see it before buying RDP. If you a need rdp for paypal or ebay - search for clean. If you see in info paypal, ebay, or other links - that means this rdp already was used for someone.

Summary, why RDP is better than ssh\socks\vpn?

- long RDP live time ( socks or ssh usually lives few hours, and becomes unaccessible. RDP`s lives for weeks, months and sometime even years)

- every RDP have different hardvare and config. (except CloudVPS servers);

- RDP can be checked for web-sites used earlier, ssh or proxy - not. You are never know who use proxy before you and for what.

Let speak about work with RDPs and security

As was said above - is a dangerous to connect RDP from your real IP, you should use proxy or vpn.

Second important thing - creating your own account at RDP. It needed to hide your activity on a server, because if you will use real owner account - he can see you, change the pass and access to RDP will be lost.

RDPs is devided by operating system for 2 types. HOME and SERVER.

For server RDPs belongs all Windows Server families ( Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016 ). At server RDPs a lot of people can work in one time. Also they is have high level of security settings.

For home belongs Windows XP, Windows Vista, Vindows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Home have a low security but at home RDP only one person can work. If a rdp holder works and you try to connect - he will be a disconnected. If you work and owner comes

- it disconnect you. So you always need apply a special patch for HOME rdps, patch is named CENSORED Patch v2.0. You can create account with and patch RDP in a 3-4 mouse clicks. Server RDPs not need to be patched.

What you can do at RDP and what is not reccomended?

* you must logoff from RDP after work. Dont close connection window, but logoff, its important!

* dont forget to clean logs. CCleaner - easy way to do it. Just check all iteams to clean.

* if have admin priviliges - always create own account!

+ you can surf sites, make registrations, purchases and other.

+ you can download files, portable software and run it.

- Dont install the software for all users, owner can see shortcuts.

- Dont touch documents and software.

- Dont delete anything.

- Dont try to view videos truth RDP.

- Dont save your files at a desktop, always use other drives and folders.

- Dont overload a system, you can load 30-40% of CPU and RAM.

Bypassing browser security!

Many Server RDP`s have high security level at browsers, disabled javascript, file downloading, flash and other. In that situation you must download another browser, Opera for example.

Three ways exist to do it:


1. Add download site in to a Internet Explorer Trusted Zone, press ( Menu > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites > write * > add ) Save settings, go to the and download browser. Opera have no limits for javascript, file downloading and oter. Site * can be replaced for any other site. After adding restart Internet

Explorer, go to and download opera.


2. CMD-FTP Way. Run command prompt at rdp, Start>Run> cmd.exe , in a opened window wite: ftp , press enter, login and password is - anonymous. After loginning insert next there: get pub/opera-

developer/34.0.2011.0/win/Opera_Developer_34.0.2011.0_Setup.exe file will be downloaded in a folder where cmd starts, as shown on a screen - С:\Users\Update , file Opera_Developer_34.0.2011.0_Setup.exe will be placed tere.

Input bye to cmd windows, it will disconnect you from a ftp. Type or paste Opera_Developer_34.0.2011.0_Setup.exe into a cmd window - opera installer will starts. Also you can go to folder where file was downloaded and start installer there.


3. Connect your PC disk`s. Run mstsc.exe > Local Resources > More ... in a window click for Drived and choose what drives you are want to connect.

After that you can connect to rdp, go to rdp My Computer and you will see there your disks. You can copy files from your disk to a RDP.

If a RDP browsers shows no internet, you need check something

1. Go to the browser settings, and check proxy setting. If proxy is enabled - just disable it and try again.

2. Go to the Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections, double click for active connection, >properties> Protocol tcp\ip V4, check dns, if blank enter there google dns - Dont touch other settings.


3. Resetting DNS and network:Run cmd.exe , input there: ipconfing /flushdns press enter. Next type in cmd: netsh winsock reset press enter.

If all abowe dont helps - its mean that internet was locked for a higest level of network.

Some RDPs have no desktop, but it is easy to solve:

Press Ctrl+alt+END > Task manager > New task > explorer.exe > enter. If u see a desktop locker, desktop lock express, etc then contact to our jabber support to solve this problem!

For MAC computers is no solution.

For notebook press 4 keys Fn+CTRL+ALT+END > Task manager > New task > explorer.exe

RDPs and internet shopping

As was said abowe - all rdps has unique hardvare, RDP can look as clean, because windows was reinstalled, but IP adress have a bad reputation, and is not good for shopping.

Talk about detalies now. If IP is blacklisted (Barracuda, Spamhous and other) it means that rdp was infected by trojan or spam sending software. Blacklisted ip is bad only for spammers, but not for shoppers.

Next parameters is important for successful shopping:

1. Clean RDP

2. Location

3. Risk Score value

Clean RDP. If you plan buy rdp for PayPal, you need to search rdp without paypal link in info, browsers history. Orders or registrations from non-clean RDP`s can be cancelled. Some extreamly guys uses non clean rdps several times, they are cleaning all cookies, history and other browser settings by ccleaner, changes screen resolutin, change browser. Some times that way works, sometimes - no.

Location. This is difficult. Really. Minimum 5 geobases exists, and all databases will show you a different info about location. Wright way but unreal - know what geobase use your shop, bank or other site, and check ip for that base. But it is a secret, and you newer know which database is correct. If you want to check IP for different databases - use site

Risk Score. Its easy. The minFraud service determines the likelihood that a transaction is fraudulent based on many factors, including whether an online transaction comes from a high risk IP address, high risk email, high risk device, or anonymizing proxy. One of the key features of the minFraud service is the minFraud Network, which allows MaxMind to establish the reputations of IP addresses, emails, and other parameters.

If talk easy words, - always check IP-score before buying RDP, if Risk-score value is higer than 1 - exist risk that your order or transaction from that ip can be cancelled. Also IP-score check shows you IP location according to MaxMind database.

And dont forget that home RDP`s is the best for internet shopping, so choose Win7,8,8.1,10 for work.


All writed above - only a little part of big knowledge about RDP`s. And if you a meet something new error - do not be shy to ask Google about your problem. Im shure that google helps you to solve any problem.


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