Paypal | Log in without Socks (For noobs)


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May 9, 2017
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in this tutorial I will show u how to log into a paypal account , no socks/vpn needed.
u must be same country as paypal!! You can’t use vpn, it doesn’t work.

=- Google Chrome -=
1. Clear all cookies , cache , history , etc. I recommend using CCleaner to do this.
2. Make sure your IP isn’t blacklisted and it is same country as paypal.
3. Go into “Incognito” mode as it helps to be anonymous.
4. Log into the paypal account and it works 90% of the time! If it doesn’t work, don’t try to log into another paypal,! U must delete cookies , cache , history , etc and then try again.

=- Firefox -=
Same steps as the ones for Google Chrome

I hoped this helped because I sell a lot of people commenting saying “doesn’t work” or “account ask for sms” this method will help then as it requires no skill and no vpn/socks!
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