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May 15, 2016
The program is designed for confidential and secure communication. Uses modern PGP encryption. A cryptosystem with a public key does not guarantee complete security on the network. Implementing a PGP application conforms to the OpenPGP standard with general compatibility.

Android OS allows you to add encryption to mail through OpenKeychain. Its open source integrates with your email client and can send encrypted files to an EDS application.
The implementation of a cryptosystem makes it possible to read messages only by the users to whom the message will be sent. Each of them has a digital signature confirming the identity of the sender. The supported OpenPGP encryption standard (PGP, GPG or GnuPG) is implemented on all devices and operating systems.

After installing and running the application, you need to make a phased configuration:
  • creating keys using the item "Create your own key";
  • Enter your email address (you can add several);
  • enter a complex password;
  • The program is ready to use.
The application is publicly available on Google Play and is easily installed on the device.

Request for access rights

The requirement for applying access rights is due to:
  • shopping in the app;
  • filling in the real name and email address;
  • contacts for keying offline;
  • exporting keys from an SD card;
  • scanning QR codes and adding keys of other interlocutors;
permission for obtaining keys and the use of YibiKeys via NFC.


Modern encryption is based on digital keys. The application stores and manages the keys, tying them to those with whom you communicate. The program will allow you to find the necessary keys of users on the Internet and share using QR codes. Acceptable use of keys - encryption and decryption of messages.
If there are problems with the application, it means the absence of priv-app components on the device. In order for OpenKeychain to work stably, it is recommended to redirect it from data / app to system / priv-app.
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