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May 15, 2017
Raw socket shell with AES 128 XTS and Port Knocking technique( ) using specific tcp flags ,FIN,URG,PSH and use AES 128 XTS cipher at communication.

#raw socket ? Raw mode is basically there to allow you to bypass some of the way that your computer handles TCP/IP. Rather than going through the normal layers of encapsulation/decapsulation that the TCP/IP stack on the kernel does, you just pass the packet to the application that needs it. No TCP/IP processing — so it’s not a processed packet, it’s a raw packet. The application that’s using the packet is now responsible for stripping off the headers, analyzing the packet, all the stuff that the TCP/IP stack in the kernel normally does for you.

A raw socket is a socket that takes packets, bypasses the normal TCP/IP processing, and sends them to the application that wants them.

Unless you’re a programmer, a kernel hacker, or really really into security, you will most likely not need to deal much with these. But it’s good to know what they are, in case you find yourself in one of the above scenarios.

##to run you need use root because raw socket need: # make

on server machine:

# bin/server

on client machine:

# bin/client SERVER__IP

if return errors at make, you need openssl lib

So to get this lib you can follow this examples:

on deb based linux follow:

# apt-get install openssl-dev

on rpm based linux follow:

# yum install openssl-devel
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