Nike store carding method 2017


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May 27, 2016
What You Need:
- RDP (if you can't buy RDP, it's works with PREMIUM Socks5 - Tested and Premium CyberGhost VPN)
- USA Drop (If you live in some of the countries where Nike ships, then find a place in your town)
- USA CC (Visa or Master) with high balance. Can be public, but it's easier if it's private;
- Speed of act; (That's your acting speed, how fast you'll be depends of yourself);
- Brain (Be smart!) HINT: Never, but never copy/paste the CC numbers. Real customers type them
number by number.
- Be real
+ Little bit of Luck
Let's Start!
1.) Find a nice and stable RDP. (If you don't know what's RDP yet, google it)
2.) Login to your RDP via Remote Desktop Connection.
3.) Start the web browser (mozilla firefox, chrome, opera ...) and clear the cookies/cache/history.
4.) Go to Check your IP, Check DNS, Check for anonymity and look up if your IP is not blacklisted.
*4.) If you're using Socks5 or VPN change the timezone to your PC to be the same as the IP's.
5.) Jump to the official nike store:
6.) Chose the product you want to order, add to card then hit the CHECKOUT button.
7.) Always checkout as a GUEST. (Stores have smaller amount of information when we are guests.)
7.) Billing = Shipping (Your billing address is the drop and your shipping address is the same.)
8.) Enter Credit Card's info (CC Number, Exp. date and CVV2)
9.) Check the "My billing details are the same with shipping" mark.
10.) Put a fake phone number. MUST be similar to the numbers that are used in the shipping country.
11.) Gmail is our service. The e-mail shoud look like if we ship to "John Doe".
12.) Place the order.
13.) Preparing to ship.
We are done with them. Now it's time to wait.
They need approximately about 24h to ship your order.
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