My personal opinion about RDP(VPS)


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May 27, 2016
Hello, people.
today I would like to share my personal opinion about necessity of RDP/VPS for successful carding.

I presume you guys have read many articles mention that you have to get RDP which is located in the same city/state of card holders and it is mandatory for successful carding.
However, my opinion is actually opposite.
I do not think getting RDP helps your carding because I know why they could succeed in carding.

just stop thinking about superficial thing and instead, you must think WHY YOU NEED IT.
the answer is simple, it is all the same as I mention in other posts, you must set up your connection properly when you try carding.

most of people fail in this world because they have not realized Proxifier does not mask your DNS without modification.
it does not cover your identity fully before you set it up correctly.

if DNS and IP do not match each other, or DNS is located in the other country, e-commerce blocks your order.
Actually, most of carders who made success in this are from United States thus they do not have to modify their DNS setting because their actual/internal IP and DNS is already located in the USA.
so authorization system would think the order was placed by actual holders only because your DNS was located in the USA.

and the same reason goes with necessity of RDP.
while connecting to RDP, you will virtually become US resident.
thus you have DNS located in the USA.
and the system did not cancel your order because you have address there, they did not think you are accessing from the other countries.

as long as you have vision in DNS/Host-name, you do not have to get RDP for successful carding.
all you have to do is to think how to secure yourself from authorities.

as solution, you need to set up your proxifier correctly.
you must turn on "resolve host-name using proxy"
then you can get US DNS address.

leakage of internal IP and DNS would trigger cancellation of your order.
be careful
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