Move Out From Cookies or Be Caught


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Jun 5, 2017
Carding, spamming and many illegal internet working is really fuck, most of the time we often almost forget about one thing, we have to hide on the lightly place. In another word I wanna say "Keep save and careful, we need to be smart that a COP".

At the previous of my notes, I wrote about how google trace your activity and it's risk you to be caught by a cop, inter-pool and FBI for what you do. Here I want to give you a tips how to move out and hide from their detection.

1. Use your private computer

Set your computer to be save, and don't ever put your real identity even that's only your word of your name. Don't use transparent proxy since the proxy will save your real IP and report it to the database of their system. If you got some money, better you spend it to buy VPS (Virtual Private Server) or most people called it as RDP (Remote desktop).

Inside the VPS, u can isntall many software to suppor your work. If you spam, you can install sending software such as AMS, Fast Mailer Pro or Turbo Mailer. Look these diagram below

Your Computer ======> VPS/RDP =========> Internet

If you like to scrap the lead email from search engine, I can send you the HTML file even I can teach you how to work with it, so you needn't buy the lead email from any site cause you confident to harvest it alone by your hand.

2. Remember it " DON'T BE GREED"

Chance to making money always come anytime, but your GREED will make you really be caught buy a COP. GREED will make you forget your logic, that's why I suggest you to always remember, do it careful and keep read the situation, so you will always be save.
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