Ministry of Internal Affairs approved the idea to block money

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May 15, 2016
Ministry of Internal Affairs approved the idea to block the money of Russians


The Ministry of the Interior (MVD) supported the initiative of the Association of Banks of Russia (ADB) to increase the term for blocking cards from two to 30 days when conducting suspicious transactions. This was reported by the RBC agency owned by Grigory Berezkin.

The meeting on combating theft of money from bank customers, which was attended by representatives of banks, the Central Bank and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was held on August 27. It discussed the initiative put forward earlier by ADB regarding the fight against fraudsters.

In particular, banks offer to block the card of the recipient during suspicious transactions. Now the transfer of money can be stopped only at the time of writing off funds from the account. Even if the client quickly responds and informs the bank about the theft, there are no legal grounds for a refund.

In this regard, ADB proposes to allow the beneficiary's bank card to be blocked until the sender confirms the operation. The standard blocking period is 2 days, in the case of a sender contacting the police - 30 working days.

The Bank of Russia doubted the effectiveness of this measure, since the stolen funds that are withdrawn to other cards, as a rule, are withdrawn already in the first hours after receipt of the account. Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in turn, said that for them 30 days is enough to understand the matter and initiate proceedings.

There is also no consensus among banks on this issue: some believe that this measure should be used, while others are sure that it is not necessary to block the entire card, but simply suspend a suspicious transaction. For a more detailed study of the issue, a working group will be created.
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