Messari study: laundering 800 times more money in fiat currencies than in BTC


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May 20, 2019

New data indicate that 800 times less money is laundered in Bitcoin than in fiat currencies.

The results of the new research of the analytical company Messari confirm the assumption that the cryptocurrency does not play a big role in illegal financial activities all over the world. According to Messari, for every dollar in BTC spent on the darknet, $ 800 in fiat currency is laundered.


The company said it decided to present these statistics as a direct response to politicians' recent criticism of Bitcoin, especially in the USA, where Congress held several hearings on cryptocurrency last week.

Although some regulators recognize that cryptocurrency companies carry low risks in the area of money laundering and terrorist financing, there are constantly reports of detentions of traders who laundered millions in cryptocurrencies.

A drug dealer from Silk Road, who is accused of laundering $ 19 million through BTC, was arrested the other day, and in the spring, Brazilian police arrested a suspect in running an underground drug lab and using bitcoin to launder illegal income.

In addition, in April, three darknet drug dealers were accused of laundering $ 2.3 million through BTC, and last year the European police seized € 5.7 million cryptocurrency from the darknet traders.
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