Maryam - Open-source Intelligence (osint) Framework

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May 15, 2017
Maryam is a full-featured open-source intelligence(OSINT) framework written in Python. Complete with independent modules, built in functions, interactive help, and command completion, provides a command-line environment for used forensic and open-source intelligence(OSINT).

Maryam is a completely modular framework and makes it easy for even the newest of Python developers to contribute. Each module is a subclass of the "module" class.The "module" class is a customized "cmd" interpreter equipped with built-in functionality that provides simple interfaces to common tasks such as standardizing output, and making web requests. Therefore, all the hard work has been done. Building modules is simple and takes little more than a few minutes. See the Development Guide for guide information.

What can be done

Can extract
  • Comments, Links, CDNs, CSS, JS files..
  • Documentations(pdf, doc, ..)
  • Keywords, errors, usernames, ..
  • DNS, TLD and bruteforce it.
  • SiteMap
Can identify
  • Interesting and important files
  • Emails from search engines
  • Onion related links
  • Subdomains from different sources
  • WebApps, WAF,..
  • Social networks
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