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Oct 28, 2016
Predator is a free program for locking a computer using a USB flash drive as a key.

The principle of the program is simple:
  • Predator creates a key file on a USB flash drive.
  • The program, after starting with a certain frequency, checks for the presence of this key flash drive and, if it does not detect it, then blocks the computer - the keyboard, the mouse, the screen goes dark.
  • Just insert the USB key back to unlock the system.
  • The key on the flash drive changes periodically, making theft meaningless
copying the key file.
  • All events related to the program, including hacking attempts, are recorded in logs.
  • The Task Manager is also disabled for the duration of the lock, so Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work.
  • In case of loss of a key flash drive, control can be restored using the master password, which is entered when you first start it.
  • Provides audible alarms for incorrect input
master password.
  • Predator allows you to protect multiple computers with one key
for example home and work.

Let's start the installation:

https://yadi.sk/d/uQlcpm7Q3KRhe2 x64

https://yadi.sk/d/BeXw1KwA3KRhdu x32

Run the installation file, either of the two in the folder ...


Lock your computer with a flash drive [Predator]

Put a tick, click "Next" ...


Lock computer flash drive [Predator]


Lock the computer with a flash drive [Predator]

Select the installation location and again tap on the Next button ...


Lock the computer with a flash drive [Predator]

Confirm the end of the installation with the "Ok" button ... Next, insert the USB flash drive into the computer and start the program ... We come up with a password, click "OK", no more checkboxes where we put it.

Also check in the settings so that there is no check mark on the “Auto Start with Windows” item. This is so that if you have not properly configured something in the program, you can delete it after rebooting the system.


Lock the computer with a flash drive [Predator]

That's all, do not touch anything else. Now try to remove the flash drive from the computer, yeah, scared, the black screen and nothing works, now insert again - everything will turn on and it will work as before.
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