Life Changing experience on darkweb


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Jun 28, 2019
basically i was a typical guy,believing that darkweb is home of scammers and there is no such thing as carding or transfers
but this forum only proved me wrong! here is the whole story if you wanna listen, so few days back i was surfing
this section of this forum only and saw a post of a guy naming "wize" titled something like transfers and all.
the post looked genuine so contacted him further and asked what do he really offer? i selected one of the offer and
he told to choose any escrow of my choice which further boosted my trust for him . on the very 2nd hour of ordering i got my
transfer and released the escrow! and after that moment i have forgotten how to be sad anymore!

trust me or not! it could be a life turning point for you as it was for me

this is not a marketing post just making sure no one else gets ripped hard

if you wanna contact him
his jabber is ----- w i z e @ e x p l o i t . i m

for the security purposes of this forum i have added spaces between the id kindly remove it

additional note- this is a j a b b e r id, you ll need an jabber client to contact me!
if you have an android, search "xabber" on play store,sign up there and add him there
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